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Our lab exploits the power of proteomics to advance the development of cures for various disorders, including some rare diseases and microbial infections

One of our main focus is to understand the mechanisms and regulation of RNA polymerases, the enzymes that make RNA copies of the information encoded in genomes (DNA). Transcription by RNA polymerases is the first, often the main site where gene expression is regulated. Human and bacterial RNA polymerases are privileged targets for drug discovery.

We have recently become extremely concerned by microbial infections, more particularly the emergence of novel viruses (SARS-CoV-2) and the bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which are both major threats to human health. We have initiated efforts aimed at targeting key microbial proteins, including RNA polymerases and coat proteins, to discover inhibitors of microbial infections.



  1. Unraveling the molecular basis of novel forms of hypomyelinating leukodystrophies (CIHR, Lead G. Bernard MUHC).

  2. A biomarker discovery pipeline for precision medicine (Government of Quebec/IRCM, Lead B. Coulombe IRCM).

  3. A patient-derived iPSC platform of disease relevant cell models for biological studies (ALS Canada and Brain Canada, Lead G. Rouleau MNIH).

  4. Deciphering breast cancer HER2-negativity with regard to HER2-targeted therapy (CIHR, Lead F. Durocher, U Laval).

  5. A machine learning approach to decipher protein-protein interactions in human plasma (IVADO and Genome Québec, Lead B. Coulombe IRCM).

  6. Modulation of protein interactions by the Superoxide Dismutase 1 (SOD1) (supported by Atomwise Inc, Lead B. Coulombe IRCM).

  7. The soluble fragment of neuroligin-1 as a blood biomarker of prodromal Alzheimer’s disease (Weston Brain Institute, Lead J. Brouillette HSCM).

  8. Characterization of neuro-muscular junctions in ALS patients (ALS Canada, Lead R. Robitaille, U Montreal).

  9. Reducing the activity of the phosphatase STEP to improve memory performance during aging (CIHR, Lead J. Brouillette HSCM).

  10. Screening of chemical compounds that correct assembly defects of RNA polymerase III carrying a leukodystrophy-causing mutation (Leukodystrophy’s Foundation, Lead B. Coulombe IRCM).


(Available as cost-shared collaborations)

  • Protein Affinity Purification coupled to Mass Spectrometry (AP-MS)

  • Proximity-Dependent Protein Identification (BioID)

  • Tandem Mass Tag (TMT)-Based Discovery Proteomics

  • Protein Affinity Capture coupled to quantitative Mass Spectrometry (PAC-qMS)

  • Phage Display Peptide/Protein Library Screening (PhD)

  • Chromatin Immunoprecipitation-PCR/Sequencing (ChIP-PCR/Seq)

  • Crosslinking coupled to Mass Spectrometry (XL-MS)



February 29, 2020: Rare Disease Day, Ste-Justine CHU Research Centre, Montreal

April 4-7, 2020: ASBMB Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA (cancelled, abstracts published)

July 13-16, 2020: Splicing 2020, Caparica, Portugal

August 24-26, 2020: World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2020, National Harbor, Maryland, USA

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Dr. Benoit Coulombe

Dr. Benoit Coulombe

Dr. Marie-Soleil Gauthier

Dr. Marie-Soleil Gauthier

Senior Associate Researcher

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Dr. Esen Sokullu

Postdoctoral Fellow
Diane Forget

Diane Forget

Research Assistant & Lab Manager
Christian Poitras

Christian Poitras

Systems Analyst
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Alexa Derksen

Master Degree Student (Dr. G. Bernard)
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